Who has the Agbay leveler? Pros and cons?

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Who has the Agbay leveler? Pros and cons?

Hello Everyone!!!
I am looking into purchasing the Agbay leveler. I wanted to see if anyone here uses it? What are the pros and cons?
Thank you

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Prima Cakes Plus ...

I would be curious to know also. I have contemplated it many times

I Sugar Coat It! ...

I own the Agbay Jr. Double blade and absolutely love it! The only downside I see is the cost of replacement parts. I haven’t had to, but it could get pricey. It slices through cakes like a hot knife through butter and does not crumble the edges. I have had mine for almost a year an di swear by it.

Cakery Creation Liz Huber ...

I have been reading reviews on other websites and everyone raves about it. Thanks isugarcoatit! I did decide to order it tonight so I am excited about using it. Thanks for the reply!

Bakermama ...

Keep us posted on what you think of it! I’m SO tempted to splurge on it.

Norma ...

I have the single blade agbay and I LOVE it!! I cant imagine torting my cakes without it! It was totally worth the money. If I had the money right now I would buy the double blade…but the single blade works just fine.

Kendra Hicks ...

I have the double-blade Deluxe and it’s utterly amazing. It levels and torts with just one sweep so it saves loads of time and energy. My only complaint isn’t due to the product’s quality or performance but my own complacency. This past week I layed open my left index finger while replacing the blade protectors which just goes to show you how sharp the blades are – razor sharp so be careful! At $100 per blade for replacements, they must be sharp!

Cakery Creation Liz Huber ...

Just a quick note…..My agbay arrived last week and I have been using all this week and I am in LOVE!! lol Its perfect!

Cristy ...

I’ve been tempted to get it but they are quite pricey.

Lisapeps ...

The price is justified by the amount of usage you get out of it. I am only a hobby baker and I would fight to the death if someone tried to take mine lol! I use it on every single cake I bake. It is so easy it use, easy to clean. It’s amazing!

Margie ...

Want one!