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Hi, I work as a decorator for a 5 years and i keep posting pictures of my most beautiful creations quite often. But most my cakes got most likes ang got selected to be within top 3 a f top 10 etc. But suddenly I got a drop of my likes and thus none of my beautiful creations got selcted nore got many likes recently (nearly 3 years). Could someone pls let me know why my cakes do not get any likes nore any attention at all most the times now. Thank you guys xx



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Paula Rebelo ...

I think the same. Unfortunately the cakes are not chosen for quality but for those who make them. If the cake is made by someone who is known, it gets much more faves than someone who has a much better work. I also feel very wronged. I think I’ll leave this group. Good luck for you.

Shree ...

thanks so much Paula Rebelo, for sharing your idea with me. Im quite frustrated as I have had been posting my cakes over past 03 years. Not a single got even noticed.. and wrote my concerns many times, for which I hardly got any feedback from any at all. Good luck with your cakes too my love. Xx

Michal Bulla ...

Hello Shree.

I checked you recent activity on CakesDecor and noticed that almost all(if not all) of your comments were on your own cakes. I think that commenting on others cakes, forum topics and blogs would help you to get more friends and followers and thus more likes and comments as well.

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

You are correct Michal. You cannot expect comments/likes/faves on your cake posts when you don’t comment/like/fave other decorators posts/work. You have to develop friendships and interactions with other members.

Cupids Delight ...

Hello Friends,

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Shree ...

June , Michal Bulla, yes I undetstand that I need to like and comment on others’ cakes too. Besides, I am not expecting to have fave / likes / comments without doing it to others. But I am in a bit of a gray area about this forum. My biggest problem is I never see others’ new projects. I never ever get any notifications to up coming collaborations, I never see others work. But still I am a member and unless I log into this page even to see the comments for my posts I never get any notifications like in face book or instagram. So after uploading a picture of my cake and when i realize that I have to received any feedback, and when I log in to my account after some time, I see few comments. Please let me know how to improve / solve this problem. The main reason is I do not see anyones’ projects, and comments on my own posts… thanks guys xx

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

The only way you will see any new cakes/sugar work is by logging into CD on a regular basis. My Cakes Decor is linked to my email, so therefore I receive notifications about new cakes/sugar work posted. It’s titled “CakesDecor Notifier”. I don’t get a specific notification for comments on any of my personal posts, just general notification for daily posts. As far as Collaborations, CD has nothing to do with that. Members who post Collaboration pieces have been personally invited to participate in a Collaboration. Invitations are usually through some forum like facebook, or your personal email.
And I noticed you have 35 followers, but you’re only following 9???
I’m following “790” members!!!!! And many reciprocated by following me, so I have 782 followers. Not all of them are active anymore, but those that are get notifications of my cakes/sugar work when they log onto CD. So they can choose to look and comment. I also comment on many members I don’t follow because I’ve admired, enjoyed the piece they posted.
You stated in your post above:
“Yes, I understand that I need to comment on others’ cakes too. Besides I am not expecting to have fave / likes / comments without doing it to others.”
Unfortunately, you’re statements are incorrect. You comment very little on other members work. I checked your page, and you have literally not commented on any other CD members cakes/sugar work. The list of your interactions for posts are right on your page. You haven’t commented on any of my cakes/sugar work. Whereas I have commented on yours. After your latest cake post, 9 days ago, you haven’t been participating/active on CD for 3 months, then 7 months.
So you are expecting a big return with little or no investment.

Michal Bulla ...

Hey Shree, If you are not getting any notifications to your email, double check your Email Notification Settings:

  • Click on the User Icon on the top right
  • Choose the “Edit My Profile & Settings”
  • Click on the Email Notification Settings tab