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What are your thoughts on watermarking photos? I do not currently do that, however I just saw a note on one of ScrummyMummy’s pictures indicating people steal pics of cakes and claim them at their own. Does that really happen? Has it happened to you? And, more importantly, how do I watermark my photos?


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Jenniffer White ...

Yes, it’s unfortunate, but people will steal your pictures eventually. I have watermarked my photos in the past, but I don’t now. For the watermarking to be effective, it has to cover the actual cake, and I just didn’t like the way it looked. Anything less can be cropped out too easily.

I will sometimes use TinEye.com or Google Image search (just drag your image over the search entry) to see if someone has stolen a particular image.

3DSweets ...

Wow, Jenniffer! Thanks for the info on searching for an image – I wondered how that was done. Will definitely try that! I have started watermarking my photos for various reasons. I find I can always stick the mark somewhere visible but not intruding on the cake itself.

Classy Cakes By Diane ...

Cool Jennifer! Thanks for that interesting little ‘tidbit". I just put a few of my cakes on Google Image search and little did I know that they were being shared quite a bit on Pinterest :) I’m glad so many people like them and that none were actually stolen! But I do have watermarks on my cakes, making it more difficult for someone to steal …bwahahaha!!

The Clever Little Cupcake Company ...

I agree with jenniffer. I do, but I fear they probably get cropped out the way I position them.

I used to get upset about people copying, but in all reality, what can you do? Unless you copyright your designs (expensive!!) or have the money to sue, you just have to get on with it. You can ask nicely to get them remove, but most (in myexperience) are quite defensive. Is it wirth the hassle?

Most photo “thieves” aren’t in your area, or country even. Life’s too short!

Sugarpixy ...

I once saw a facebook page that had stolen work from many artist (who watermarked their work well) and I could identify who made each cake. Two things stood out for me 1. work can be stolen even if it is watermarked and 2. Each person has a unique style. If someone steals my photos I say great, reproduce the work to the same standard or better and don’t disappoint the customer. Most times the work that is stolen is well above the skill level of the thief, otherwise they would show case their own work.

I agree totally with Jennifer and Clever Little Cupcake.

Joyce Nimmo ...

WOW … everyone, thanks for all the input. I have put some more thought into this and although I hate the idea of someone else claiming my work … it’s a bit flattering to think they liked it that much … and as sugarpixy said they probably stole it cause they don’t have the skills to make it themselves. J:~D

Cristy ...

I definitely do.

And, yes, people still steal your pics with a watermark. I dont understand how the customer doesn’t question that. I certainly would.

Cupcations ...

Watermarking your photos is VERY important in the caking industry because yes people steal your pictures and post them as their own, thank goodness it hasn’t happened to me “yet” but I know other cakeers that had their work stolen, unfortunately!

I use Photoshop.com and it works like charm.


Cakery Creation Liz Huber ...

I just came across a website that stole one of my cake images and placed their own watermark on it!!! grrrr. I have requested them to remove it but I havent heard back yet! will be watermarking all of our cakes!!!!!!