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Hello Those-In-The-Know!
I’ve been asked to make a Dorothy the Dinosaur topper, which they want to use in a couple of months and I can’t make it sooner to the date. For figures that aren’t going to be eaten, I would suggest storing in a box in a cool place. But, they do want to eat it… So… Do u think I should advise them to keep it in the freezer??
If so… Does anyone know the process for thawing or even if this works?
I use mmf with tylose added for my figures.
Muchly appreciate your advice lovelies!

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Sandra Smiley ...

No one ever eats my figures, so I don’t have that concern. If it were me, I would let them know that fondant doesn’t taste very good to start with and it probably will not be very yummy after a couple of months. If it was kept it in a plastic bag, in an air conditioned room, It should stay soft enough to eat. If it is frozen, be sure to thaw it in the refrigerator still sealed in its container. Sorry for all the “ifs”….if I had to do this, I would model Dorothy from Rice Krispy Treats and cover it with fondant, let dry a day or two, then seal in a plastic bag and leave it at air conditioned room temp.

MBalaska ...

Agreed Sandra Smiley! No one eats my figures or flowers either. I tell them that we don’t eat kids white glue or kids play dough either. It won’t hurt you to eat it but it’s not food. It’s for looking at & decoration only.
Stored in a box in a cool dry place works well for the edible items.

The Garden Baker ...

After you add tylose so that it sets up hard enough to work and keep it’s form, I imagine that it would be too hard to eat in any case. Someone may even break a tooth if they tried! I use a 50-50 mix of modeling chocolate and fondant (no tylose!) The figures work nicely, set up firm, but because of the chocolate they sort of melt at mouth temperature and are edible. Might be worth a try ….