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I am doing my first groom’s cake. The groom wants a three tiered cake! He also wants a red velvet cake but the idea of using cream cheese frosting in South Louisiana in June scares me to death. He wants the cake with frosting and fondant decorations, not covered in fondant. I am afraid that cream cheese frosting will be difficult to work with and that with our humidity and heat it will melt on me and my decorations slide right off! Thankfully the venue is indoors and air conditioned but I do have to get it there. Any suggestions of recipes or techniques would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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The Garden Baker ...

Why do you have to use cream cheese frosting??
Why not use ganache or a stable buttercream?

Jolie57 ...

I was planning on using a high humidity buttercream flavored with cream cheese flavored emulsion, but our local cake shop owner suggested I use a crusting cream cheese frosting instead. Just not sure that is wise…..

The Garden Baker ...

Try experimenting. Have fun :)