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I’m doing a cake design using wafer paper to do the ruffles on the side of the cake. In the past i’ve always used a fondant covered cake but the lady it’s for doesn’t want fondant on it. Can I apply wafer paper ruffles to the side of a buttercream cake?


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Rachel19 ...

The times that I have stuck wafer paper decorations on with buttercream, it absorbs moisture from it and wilts and loses its shape. For example, I did a cake once that had a written note on the bottom that I attached with buttercream. After probably an hour or two, the note had bent over so you couldn’t see the writing. One thing that I haven’t tried, but may be useful: try coating the cake in a (thin) layer of piping gel. This way it may wilt some, but hopefully not as much as it does with buttercream. I wouldn’t do it on the actual cake without trying it first though.

The Garden Baker ...

I know nothing about wafer paper, but perhaps if you covered the cake in ganache instead of buttercream there would be less moisture to absorb and therefore less damage? Just a thought :)

Donna Tokazowski- Cake Hatteras, Hatteras N.C. ...

I realize these are not ruffles. These are rice paper butterflies, which have been dusted with petal dust, on buttercream. There is another butterfly cake, similar in my portfolio if you look. The only issue with the rice paper was keeping it in the fridge. I live in a very humid climate. I iced my cake, attached the butterflies, and placed the finished cake in the fridge. When I removed the cake, the butterflies started to wilt and melt from the humidity in the air and the condensation. I had to make new butteflies (no biggy, I had a butterfly punch) and attach the new butterflies to the cake right before it was ready to go out the door. I hope this helps.