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You can make a nice background for a cookie using just edible powder, either dry or wet.

For this cookie I dusted it first with #magic_colours powder and for the leaves I used the same powders in a wet version (diluted with liquor with hight % of alcohol).

The girl is entirely piped with coloured royal icing. Hope you like the idea. Thanks a lot, Marta!!

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres


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CakeHeaven by Marlene ...

Thank you so much for sharing

Raquel García ...

Thank you for sharing Marta!!!

Pluympjescake ...

Awesome, thank you for sharing

Sandra Smiley ...

Thank you for sharing, dear Marta!

Floralilie ...

So beautiful!!! ♥ Thank you Marta!!!!

Emily Calvo ...

So great!!! thanks for sharing!! xxxx