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It really bugs me when people choose to share their creations on line, whether via this site or any other, and don’t give credit to the very obvious tutorials and designs that led to their creations. I’m not talking about plagarism (sp?). The tutorials and design ideas are often put out there so that we can learn from them, use them and yes, even copy. I would leave a comment of “wonderful work” to someone who copied completely, but gave credit where credit is due. It just annoys the heck out of me when people don’t show minimal courtesy of simply stating where the design and / or tutorial came from. Am I the only one who feels this way or am I being too sensitive???

The Garden Baker


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Essentially Cakes ...

Yes I agree with you. I am often given pictures clients have found online but would always say that my work is “inspired by” or name the source where possible. I do go on to say to the client that I won’t create an exact copy as I like to add my own take on it as we all have our individual style.

I guess it would be flattering to think that you have inspired someone to create something but gratifying that they would give credit to you.

Sandra Smiley ...

I also agree with you. Many of the classes are taught as part of someone’s livelihood and it seems only decent to acknowledge how much you learned from their experience.

Cakeicer (Shirley) ...

I pin many photos or tutorials of others work on Pinterest. I always credit the original artist if it is available. Sometimes you have to search for them, sometimes you never learn who they are. But I think it is a simple courtesy to give credit where credit is due.

eiciedoesitcakes ...

If I’m given a picture of someone else’s work and don’t know who the original cake decorator/artist is, I will always state that I cannot take credit for the design.