Different brand tins!

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Hey guys

So I bought two 7 inch round cake tins but both are different brands. I made the same batter and same amount in each tin, put it in at the same time but they came out different.

Does anyone else have this problem? Do you think it’s because they are different brand tins?? Would like some advice

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MsGF ...

The thickness of each tin, the quality of material and the colour of the tin will affect the baking. Thicker tins, with a lighter finish will result in more even baking and a lighter crust on the baked cakes. Thinner tins with a dark finish will result in less even baking and a darker firmer crust on the baked cakes.

Hope that helps.

Guppy ...

Yes, different brands will definitely bring different results.

GGirl ...

Thank you

soneeka ...

Absolutely..different brand tins will give you different results. See which brand tin has given you better results and buy the same brand tins for next time.