How to do some of these...embellishments?

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Can anyone guide me regarding the attached photo?
-Please state that the gems are isomalt? I already bought it. How did they get the gold gems though?

-the beaded pattern on the crown, is it a mold? How could I acheive the pattern on the crown without a mold?

-I already bought Wilton’s gold colour mist for the bottom layer and crown(don’t have an airbrush). Is the mist effective?

Nb top tier will be a cake dummy. Any other suggestions for

this cake will be appreciated.


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Rudi ...

You can make the beads on the crown very easily. Roll your fondant into a log, cut pieces evenly, and toll each piece in the palm of your hand until it is perfectly round. The pearls will be the same size. Then just paint them gold. Good luck!

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

The actual crown may have been cut out of gumpaste or pastilage using a paper template. The gems, I’m not entirely sure. Could be isomalt, or just melted clear candies poured into a bead mold. I have a store here that sells small round candies, clear and coloured. The gold gems I believe are the clear gems that have just been painted gold. Yes, I think the beads on the crown are made using a mold. I have a bead mold from Wilton. I’ve never used Wilton’s gold mist as I can’t purchase it here in Canada. But I have used other colours of Wilton spray mist which have worked very well, black and pink. I’d practice the spraying on a piece of fondant to see how the gold looks. A tip. If you colour your fondant yellow first, you won’t need to use as much gold spray to make the fondant gold. Hope this helps.