Wedding Cake white or vanilla cake recipe?

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Hi, I’m taking my cupcake home business to a new direction. I love wedding cakes and I’ve been ask to do wedding cakes. I have many great recipes except a go to white and vanilla cake. Everyone that I have tried just isn’t the ONE. Would someone be kind enough to share a white or vanilla cake recipe that would WOW a bride? Thank you!

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kakeladi ...

I’m so sorry to see that no one has helped you on this request. Here is my (& many others who have tried it) all time favorite recipe for any and all occasion cakes: As you can see when you read through the recipe it can be made in any! flavor. Hope that helps and is not too late for your use……..but it will become your all time favorite recipe I’m sure

sugark ...

kakelady/Lynne thank you so very much for your help. I really appreciate your kindness to help me. Can’t wait to give this recipe a try! It’s nerve reckoning to think I’m responsible for a wedding cake, but I have to passion and really want to do this. Thank you again!

Goreti ...

I didn’t see this either, I really like this vanilla cake recipe. I actually made it with the peaches and raspberry buttercream for a family gathering. Everyone loved it.

sugark ...

Thank you very much! The cake is beautiful and looks delicious! Thank you for sharing!❤️