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Hi everyone! I wonder if I can get some advice. I use a hi-ratio shortening for my icing and need to purchase more as I am running low. I typically purchase a 50lb. bulk purchase. I only do cakes part-time on the side, so this lasts me quite a while. In my resent search, I have learned that Sweetex has changed their formula (due to FDA regulations on trans-fats) and that the icings made with the new formula has a tendency to “break down”. Also, there are so many different choices, such as Sweetex Flex, Sweetex Z, and Golden Flex. Can anyone please offer advice on what works best for their icings?
Thank you so much!

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June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Not sure members here can help you unless they are Americans. I’m Canadian, and we don’t have these brands here. I can tell you even here where I live, it’s virtually impossible to find high ratio shortening. Just doesn’t exist anymore. Same regulation change here by Health Canada.