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Hi guys! Just wanted to say Im so excited to be here….on a brand new site! It has so many members already and it will be fantastic to see how it grows right from the beginning!
There are some fantastic cakes being uploaded so far and im just waiting for the moment the forum part becomes overrun with lovely topics :)

The lovely comments people have been leaving on my pictures already has put a smile on my face, so lets get more members to spread the cakey love :)

May this site always stay lovely!

xxxx wow thats cheesy right? LOL



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Michal Bulla ...

I’m glad you are excited as well as we are ;). We need to attract more members, because the forum part is stuck little bit. I think, it only needs some time …

Karen ...

Hello fellow cake decorator.

lol! It’s not cheesy. I feel the same. Love your cakes. :)

Little Cherry ...

Michal, your right, the forum part will pick up in time with more members that come along. :)

Aww thanks very much Frosted! thats lovely of you to say :) xx

SarahBeth3 ...

I’m excited too, littlecherry! :) Loving the lovely attitudes I’m finding over here. It’s going to be so fun watching this site grow!

Naturepixie ...

Just joining in… Looks like it’s going to be a great place.. :)