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Hi everyone… Just wondering : How does one join a collaboration? Can anyone join or are only known artists contacted to participate? I’d love to get more information on this.

The Garden Baker


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Sweet Boutique Ani ...


MsGF ...

Most often people are picked to participate in certain collaborations, but some are open to everyone. You just need to look for one open to all and sign yourself up. Hope that helps.

The Garden Baker ...

Thank you MsGF. Most helpful :)

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

There is a FB page CPC where members can participate. Member Julie Reed here is an administrator of the page.
You can message her here about becoming a member.
There’s also a FB page..Bakerswood. You can ask to join. Dure you would be accepted.

The Garden Baker ...

Thank you so much for the leads, June. I see working on a collaboration as a way of pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. That would also encourage me to create “stuff” that otherwise I probably wouldn’t. Much appreciate your help!

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Your welcome. Great way to stretch yourself and try new techniques.

Clara ...

Hi, there is an incoming collab for 2018. Check in the Forums, Sweet Dreams by Heba Elalfy . 😊

The Garden Baker ...

Thank you Clara. Will have a look :)