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Good Morning Everyone!

Recently I have been absolutely fascinated by the cakers who are able to build castles, churches, gazebos, boxes and other really beautiful structures with royal icing panels. I have been looking for templates that I can print out to practice with and I’m not finding very many.

I realize that a great many of the very best ones are custom created by the artists and eventually I would love to make my own…but until I get stronger at using the icing and constructing things I am just looking for something I can borrow. I don’t have a paying job using these, and even if I did I would ABSOLUTELY credit the original artist in my photos, etc!

So…does anyone have something that they would like to share? Also, you guys are AMAZING with tips, tricks, thoughts, frustrations and all things advice oriented…got any pearls for someone starting out with royal icing panels? Any and all comments are appreciated!



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