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Hello fellow bakers and cake artists!
I’d like to introduce myself.
My name is Lavina. I’m a home-based cake decorator. I started baking in year 2015, just to kill time, but after baking just for families and friends, orders started coming from other people. I was hesitant to take the orders, but because of the encouragements from my beloved cousins, I gained my courage to start caking professionally.
Besides caking, I have been running my event planning and decoration company, which is also home-based, for 15 years. My company name is WishMaster Party Planner. Being a party planner also helps my cake-business to grow. Although not all my event clients buy their cake from me though, because they said it’s a bit… Well, we can’t suit everyone’s budget 😊.
I haven’t been very active here because I posted all my cakes on my Facebook and instagram, apart from juggling with my events. I will do my best to post here as well.


C'est LAVIE Cakes and Pastries


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June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Welcome to CD Lavinia. Your very talented. Great cakes..

C'est LAVIE Cakes and Pastries ...

Thank you June 😊

Queen Cakes ...

Hello to…Welcome

C'est LAVIE Cakes and Pastries ...

Thank you 😊

il mondo di ielle ...

Hi Lavina!

Pluympjescake ...

Welcome Lavina

C'est LAVIE Cakes and Pastries ...

Thanks everyone!