Red Velvet Recipe please!

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Hi All,

Ive been asked to make a 10" square red velvet cake and the recipe i have only really works for cupcakes. Does anyone have a good recipe that i could use for a cake of this size? Im in the UK so we don’t have cake flour like you have in America, which makes some cake recipes a nightmare!


Natalie from


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Bliss Pastry ...

Hi there on my Facebook page in my notes is an old family recipe. It’s tried and true. Firm enough to stack. Vibrant red. Delicious and moist. Here is the link

Natalie King ...

wonderful Bliss Pastry, thank you!

Bliss Pastry ...

You’re very welcome and hope it works for you. :o)

Wandee ...

Hi Natalie

Here is the link how to make cake-flour. if u can’t get cake flour and for Red Velvet i love Paula Deen recipes. Hope this helps. cheers!