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Hi I just wanted to introduce a lovely little collaboration ready for reveal on October 5th to celebrate World Sisterhood Day.

The Sisterhood of Sugar Artists is a teeny tiny collaboration from a handful of very talented and wonderful members from a Facebook page dedicated to support, nurture and help small cake businesses flourish and grow.

When I first started caking I found it could be a very lonely profession working way into the small hours when the house was quiet, so I started a small facebook group for registered cake designers from across the globe, the small group of just over 200 members, has become a little sisterhood of cakers. Someone is always awake and online to help each other and give advice no matter what the time is. As well as being a shoulder to lean on in the cake industry, we also offer each other business advice how to build our companies, grow our clientbase and offer support for difficult enquires, marketing, offering our opinion on website design, logos, rebranding etc.  We are there for each other, building each other up and watching each other’s businesses flourish no matter what level of experience they have. We all know there is a lot of competition in the cake industry and I wanted to build a support network of ladies that empower each other rather than compete against each other. So the Sisterhood of Sugar Artists Collaboration was borne to celebrate the empowerment, support, love and friendship of our group.

I hope you stay tuned and show your support to see some beautiful pieces from artists many of whom this is their first collaboration and who did not have the confidence to join a collaboration or even know what to do for a collaboration before.

Hopefully this will encourage more of the wonderful artists who like to fly under the radar to enter the larger collabs out there. Our facebook group uses the hashtag of #cdpruk on Instagram have a search through, there are some very talented ladies out there, who need to build their confidence, they don’t realise how great they really are ! xxx

The reveal page will go live on October 5th –

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Elli Warren ...

Sounds fabulous! Cant wait to see! :-) x

Planet Cakes ...

Cant wait to see!

Costa Cupcake Company ...

Pop over and gave a look xxx