How to make Tiffany Blue

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Can anyone help me create the Tiffany Blue colour.

I want to make a Tiffany Box cake but am not sure how to make the proper shade of blue

Or is there a ready made one? If so, where? I have looked on Amazon but couldn’t find one.


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Elli Warren ...

Hi Daria! you can use Wilton Teal colour gel paste or Sugarflair Turquoise gel paste. Hope this helps! :-) x

Daria ...


Evelindecora ...

Hi Daria! I decorate icing cookies, I love Americolor gels because they perfectly fit with royal icing ingredients, no fats or silicon inside. To achieve Tiffany blue I use Americolor Teal added to icing, I enclose a picture to show you the color. Hoping I have been helpful I send you hugs and a very welcome to Cakes Decor 💙

Daria ...

Thanks. Where do you buy Americolor?

MsGF ...

I see you are in Canada – Me too. Check or your local cake supply stores (not Michael’s) They are very popular and easy to access.

Also check out:

Bevy ...

My icing is not true White so to achieve a true Tiffany blue it’s hard . Any suggestions?