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I am a not a professional cake decorator but do cakes for family and friends. I have been asked by my nephew to make something similar to the attached but am, firstly, unsure how to do the gold dots. Do you think this is gold leaf or dabs of gold paint?

Secondly, is this ivory or white icing?

And secondly, do you think there are further flowers and dots around the back of the cake as well?

Many thanks

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MsGF ...

I think the fondant is slightly ivory. It is not buttercream. If I made this cake I would cut out many little circles out of fondant, let them dry a couple days then airbrush them gold and let them dry. You could hand paint them too. I would do it this way because on cake decorating day it would be a huge time saver. These little circles could be made days even weeks in advance and saved until they are needed. As for the back I think the gold dots come out from the front and side flowers towards the back but that’s it. It doesn’t make sense to put flowers at the back unless it will be seen by all the guest. Usually cakes are on tables by walls so I wouldn’t worry about the back. But do have gold dots spread out into/towards the back following the pattern.

Hope that makes sense and helps.

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

I agree with what MsGF has posted. I made little pearl balls from fondant months in advance, and stored in a air tight container. I don’t have an air brush, but would place the little discs/circles in a plastic container filled with gold lustre dust, apply the lid, then shake well. Your circles with be “dyed” gold. This would be labour intensive and time consuming. I have a store here that sells many colours of these little discs. I’d probably buy yellow and paint them gold. I don’t know where your located, your profile doesn’t say. I’m sure these discs/circles can be purchased online.

Salamander1970 ...

Thank you so much both of you, that’s a really interesting take on it (both ways) and think will look in doing it this way – it is not until early next year so plenty of time to experiment!! Thanks again