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What brand of fondant is the best to use? I’ve been using the kind hobby lobby sells which is from sunny side up bakery and it is drying out and cracking before I can even cover my cake within a few minutes! Maybe it’s old? What is the best kind?


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Goreti ...

Everyone has a different opinion on that. What I usually use is homemade Marshmallow fondant with melted white chocolate. The only time I had trouble with it was when I needed to color it red. I have tried Satin Ice but didn’t care for the chemical smell. Also tried Fat Daddio and was impressed with it. It covered well and did not have the chemical smell.

Xuân-Minh, Minh Cakes ...

Hello! Massa Ticino Tropic by Carma is one of the best brands worldwide. You can roll it super thin and it stretches well without tearing. Also it tastes really good, I only get good review from my clients :)

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

I agree with Goreti in the sense that everyone has their own opinion on what is best. I live to use Fondx and actually the new Wilton is actually not bad to cover a cake with. Obviously the more expensive the fondant the better it probably rolls but I know my clients would now pay for really expensive fondant.

lonette2 ...


Sandra Smiley ...

I have only used Wilton, Satin Ice and homemade LMF, which is my favorite by far for taste, workability and economy.