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hello ladies,
I’m planning to go to London for two weeks only in September.. I would really like to take a cake decorating course in London, and I was wondering if someone could advice me on the best courses available at that time of year, I am self-taught mostly..and I want to work more on myself.. Help!!

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mydearbakes ...

Wow, both Peggy and Lorraine have such wonderful bakes. Would be so happy if they ever come to Singapore to conduct a few classes. Will definitely attend! =)

Deema ...

thank you so much Kristy and Tokazodo, you’ve been more than helpful :) Peggy Porchen is a favorite of mine, I think I’ll take one of her courses on wedding cakes or sugar roses and flowers..let’s hope for the best!!
somebody suggested “Squires Kitchen”, what do you think?

Kristy How ...

Yeah, I say the more cross section you do the better, you can gain something different from everybody