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For those of you that have display cakes I need some help. I end up having to dust mine all the time to make sure they are perfectly clean. How do you keep yours looking good. I’ve been told to use an air can to blow the lint etc away. Any other great ideas/tips out there?

Jess B :-)


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Liz Rosas (Hague) ...

I keep my dummy/display cakes in acrylic boxes. If your cakes are large, you may have to order them specifically to the size you need. Another option is to make your own boxes – you can buy sheets of plexiglass, mix an epoxy and glue the sides together.

Jess B ...

Thanks Liz for the info :)

Jenniffer White ...

I like the acrylic boxes idea, that would look really good. Canned air would work well to clean, but I use my airbrush gun, it’s cheaper to run! I have cakes that I don’t display, and I keep them in trash bags… keeps them nice and clean!

Nikki Belleperche ...

This has always been one thing thats kept me from making any dummy cakes. When I go to bakerys and see their display cakes they always look so dirty and even if the work is lovely the dirty and dingy look of them puts me off and makes their work look bad! I live on 17 acres of dirt and weeds so dust a big problem at our house. I just know that if I try and make a dummy cake it will end up looking dirty if I cant store it properly. :/

mydearbakes ...

Aww, cupadeecakes felt that its a waste that some of your bakes goes into the trash bag – happens to me too sometimes =(

But I do like the acrylic idea too! =)