Cakesdecor Gazette Issue 6.03 / March 2017

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Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful month so far.

This month in the gazette we have some truly amazing collaboration pieces featured all really excelling in every way. A delicious White chocolate fudge cake recipe from one of our gorgeous members plus an exciting new tool that will be available soon and will make everyone’s life so much easier so you must check that out. A quick look at some of the wonderful cakes that were entered in the “that takes the cake” 2017, with the brilliant "Sachiko Winbiel " taking out Best in Show.

We also have a fabulous tutorial by the ever so lovely Calli Hopper also using an exciting new product and some delightful Easter themed cookies to give you some inspiration. If you have not read it already make sure you take a peek at my interview with Mladen Mandzhukov he is super talented and we are truly blessed that he chooses to share his work and now a little bit of himself with us here at Cakesdecor.

And finally my editorial which is again a little deep but I hope it will help someone else thru maybe the same things that they might also be going thru. You know me I am an open book! But I am human and am not afraid for all too see that. The good bits and the bad!

Hope you all continue to have a wonderful month and look forward to seeing all the new and exciting pieces that I might be able to showcase for next month. Remember we are always looking for recipes and your “new Favorite thing” or tutorials so please feel free to reach out to me I woudl love to share them in the gazette.

Sweet wishes and the biggest of hugs,
Shags xoxo

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5 Replies

Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

Thanks sweetie for always putting together such an interesting Gazette!

CuriAUSSIEty Cakes ...

Sorry it seems I have a few of the collab pictures in the wrong sections. I will try my best to fix them tomorrow. My apologies to all. Gets a little confusing when there are 2 or more the same theme and released in the same month but I will do my best to make this right for all. Big hugs

Sandra Smiley ...

Another wonderful read, Sharon! Thanks!

Ellie @ Ellie's Elegant Cakery ...

Thank you Sharon, I especially love your editorials, I love your frankness and honesty and the fact that you so often talk about things that are on my mind and effecting me. The cake buisness is so time consuming and it is so easy to forget about everything else around you. God bless and lots of love x

Calli Creations ...

Thank you so much Sharon for yet another frank revealing read that we can all relate to. And thank you for inviting me to do the mini tutorial 💕💕