Fondant deco on top of cream cheese frosting

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Hi! lately i have a problem with my fondant deco. I made 2 dozen of red velvet with cream cheese frosting and using fondant decoration on top of cream cheese frosting. The fondant deco is brightly colored few hours later the fondant deco starts to become very sticky and melts size way, the color running into the frosting as well. I was very frustrated when i looked at it its was very awful and i can’t deliver to my customer. My question is should i not use any fondant deco on top of cream cheese frosting ?

Thanks for reading i hope to have a solution on this.



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Nikki Belleperche ...

Make sure you use a crusting cream cheese buttercream if you are piping with it or using fondant on it. I often add a little meringue poweder to my cream cheese buttercream just to make sure it crusts nicely! This will help keep the fondant from getting soggy and melting.

Wandee ...

Thank you CorpseQueen for your reply, may i ask will the meringue powder effected the taste of the cream cheese buttercream? fyi I don’t use much powdered sugar to my cream cheese.