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Hi everyone,
I’m new to the forums and pretty new to cake decorating all together.
One area I want to improve in is the letters I use in messages. Can anyone recommend good cut out stencils? and where can I get them? I’m in Toronto.



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Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

Hi, there are many letter molds that you can use, rather than stencils. They are very easy to use – you simply roll out your gumpaste or fondant and press the letter – allow it to dry and place it on your cake – I use Royal Icing to secure it to the cake and/or cake board.

These molds are readily found in any store that sells baking/decorating supplies – you can also find them in the internet. Try eBay – sometimes you can find them for less money, as letter molds can get pricey.

Good luck!!!

Mrsbrf ...

Look out for the alphabet sets made by fmm they are pretty good. Good luck

Nikki Belleperche ...

When I started out I got the wilton letter cut set because I couldn’t afford anything else. They may not be the prettiest letters but they have always worked really great for me. They are quite nice for starting out, especially if you can’t afford to splurge on an expensive set just yet.

And if they have michaels craft stores where you live you can usually get 40-50% off coupons every week and get the set for around $5!

Mama2DOMnNIC ...

This is all great info. Thank-you everyone for your help!