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hi could anyone tell me how to make royal icing for brush embroidery please i dont seem to get it right , many thanks

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Natasha Ananyeva (CakeVirtuoso Studio) ...

You use basic consistency of RI, and then I suggest adding a tiny amount of piping gel to your icing, to make it more pliable. That should help.

Purlytwurly ...

thankyou topsecretfairy i will try this way

LadyCakes ...

You can also try to use your basic RI recipe and each time you use your paint brush dip it in a TINY bit of water.. before you use it to stroke..

Xuân-Minh, Minh Cakes ...

I use fresh egg weight and powdered sugar, ratio 1:5 weight.

Say 20 g egg white, 100 g powdered sugar. Mix with the paddle attachment of your mixer on SLOW for 5-8 minutes (it depends on the speed of your mixer.

You should have soft peak consistency that is ready to use. For brush embroidery I usually thin it down again in a small bowl – one spatula full of icing, 1-2 drops water. It depends on what you are comfortable piping with.