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I have a wedding cake due in a couple of weeks~ the couple wants one of the tiers to be a margarita cake with strawberry margarita filling (which they’ve asked me to create a recipe using a jar of their homemade strawberry margarita jam, their family favorite), and other tier with chocolate cherry amaretto filling. I know the alcohol will cook out of the cakes, but since the fillings aren’t cooked, it won’t! So therefor I’m concerned with the fact that minors will be eating this cake. I’d probably serve it to my own kids, not like there will be enough alcohol to get them drunk off of one slice… but I’m worried for the legal aspects of it, especially since their reception is being held in a rented banquet hall. Am I over-thinking or being too paranoid??

Thank you in advance for your responses!

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Jessica ...

I think you should be fine, I would send them a email about it though just so maybe they will remind their guest what tier should be “adults only” or so they know this is all on them. I wouldn’t really worry :)

Amy Filipoff ...

In my contract there is a line that states… “The customer is fully responsible for the proper handling and serving of the cake once delivery is complete”. If it is an alchohol cake I do put “This cake contains alchohol” in the notes section (I do the same when its nuts). That way I am “legally” covered, the cuistomer has been made aware that it it in there and it is thier responsibility to see that it is properly served. Generally speaking though, the amount of alchohol in a loquor cake is negligible and most people will think nothing of it.

Bakermama ...

Great idea putting it in writing in email and in the contract. They may think it’s unnecessary since they requested I use tequila and amaretto in each recipe, but I want to make sure I’m covered… thanks ladies!