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Ive had this cake client for over a year. She sends countless pictures and wants quotes for each with different sizes.. okay.. will do. She tells me every time that she doesn’t like my prices. She sends me cake sizing charts.. other people’s work and how much they charge. Sends me recipes. She calls at all hours of the day and night. 30-40 texts in a day. She cancels every time!!! She contacted me once again and I told her I am very sorry.. I don’t think I am the baker for you." She won’t stop calling. She wants to know why I wont work for her. I politely told her I just don’t think we can work together. She still won’t stop. How do I handle this? I’ve ignored the last 10 texts. She just copies and pastes her messages over and over!!! Help!!!!


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Blossom Dream Cakes - Angela Morris ...

I have a facility on my phone which enables me to block phone numbers. It stops everything (calls, texts etc) from the blocked number. Could you do that?
Frankly it sounds like quite severe harassment to me. I would tell her firmly and politely thanking her for her interest that you are not able to wrk with her any further and then block. Xx

Kara ...

Thank you!! Yes, I’ve blocked her and blocked her on Facebook. She keeps making new Facebook accounts and sending me messages through Messenger… uhhhhh!!!

LadyCakes ...

A well known baker once gave me this invaluable piece of advice.. which I will share with you.. good customers don’t always come to us as that.. we have to train our customers how to be a great customer. I believe this is sooo true. You need to set guidelines and rules for her to follow. If that doesn’t happen ignore.. and politely decline to work FOR her.. “I am sorry I am booked” “My schedule doesn’t allow me to work those hours” “I am working during these hours, please call or text me then” I realize it’s frustrating but you will figure out what she needs.. and when you do.. she will go away.. or be one of your best customers!

Xuân-Minh, Minh Cakes ...

That sounds like a stalker all right!! Creating new FB accounts just for that?? 40 texts a day??

Has she every completed an order from you? Otherwise it could be another caker who is trying to spy on you.

Tell her very firmly that you don’t want to be contacted by her ever again, or you will take legal steps for stalking. You don’t necessarily have to follow through.

Keep a record of all text, log all the calls, screenshot her messages. Just in case.