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Im new at cake decorating. But i love to bake and have a lot of fun doing it. So iv decided to start decoration cakes and i kinda suck but im having a blast!!! If anyone has tips for ppl just starting out i would really appreciate it. I hope that i get good enough to start selling cakes and other yummy things!!!!Anything would hlp!!!

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Jenniffer White ...

Hi Diascream! If you’re just starting out, I would recommend learning everything you can and practice every chance you get! There’s plenty of free videos on YouTube, there’s DVDs you can buy and watch multiple times. Also check around locally to see if there are any clubs or classes you can take. Even the Wilton classes are a good start.

As far as making a living selling cakes, there’s a lot more involved. My husband told someone once that it was like saying “I like to drive fast, I want to be a NASCAR driver!” Work on building your skill and experience level, and then look to see if there are any small busines administration (SBA) classes in your area. You should also check with your local health department to see what the laws in your state even allow.

Whatever you decide, best of luck to you!

Amy Filipoff ...

Get some foam dummies & practice, practice, practice. And cupadee is right… a business is a whole other animal. Hone your skills first, volunteer to make cakes for free for friends & family before you consider a business.

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

The most important thing you can do is to invest in your skill – not necessarily money-wise, but time-wise. The old adage that “practice makes perfect,” most certainly applies to this business. I started out taking Wilton classes and have continued my learning process through DVDs, YouTube, in-classroom lessons and trial and error – especially trial and error!

Cake decorating is a great business because it unleashes your inner artist, but it’s not as glamorous as they make it look on television. Once you make it a business, you will experience late nights baking, stressful decorating projects, nerve-wrecking deliveries, deadlines, etc. etc. In the end, though, it’s like childbirth, you forget all the pain you went through and simply LOVE your creation.

Best of luck and practice, practice, practice!


Heather ...

Oh the long hours i know all about i worked at a bakery. I dident mind them at all i was enjoying every minute of it!!!!!! Thank you guys for your advice!!!!

mydearbakes ...

I agree with amyscakes, Practice. That’s the key and in time to come, you will see the results.
Trust me for I also feel that I’ve gotten better after each bake I’ve done =)

Heather ...

Where is a good place to shop to get the stuff i need???

Jenniffer White ...

I buy A LOT of my stuff from Global Sugar Arts and Cal Java

Classy Cakes By Diane ...

You can also purchase supplies locally at Michaels.
Good luck and have fun! :)