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I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good (but not to expensive?) cutter/shaper/mould set for making big (real size) high heel shoes? I am in South Africa, and just cannot find anything locally, so will probably have to order from the UK or US, but I am struggling to find an online shop with these that ship internationally, and that does not cost $100 (excluding shipping).


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Debra J. Mosely ...

I would buy a cheap shoe in the size heel you want and take it apart to use it to make your template instead of buying a cutter/shaper/mold.

Mrsbrf ...

Jem cutters do one, i believe there are two sizes available. Stephen Benison also has a shoe cutter and heel mold set. There are a few tutorials on the internet using real shoes, good luck

Diane Burke ...

I borrowed a very small set from a friend, traced the pieces on card stock paper, and resized them on the printer, using card stock paper for the different sizes.

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

Try the internet – I’ve seen templates posted, which you can print. You can find a shoe tutorial with a template at www.cakecentral.com – just type in “shoe tutorial” and several will pop up.

Hope this helps.