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Hi Everyone, Just wondering what everyone’s preference is when it come to ball tools. I use the plastic kind, just the one that comes in the wilton sets. However I find the seem on the ball part it causing a lot of problems for me with things sticking. What does everyone else use? any tips, brand suggestions?
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Tara, Nova Scotia,


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Jenniffer White ...

Collette Peters makes a metal ball tool and I love it! It doesnt drag as much as the plastic ones.

Nikki Belleperche ...

I use the green plastic Wilton one that comes in a kit I bought awhile ago. I also have the Wilton tool set with the white double ended ball end. I don’t enjoy the white one.. it has seams that I find catch/drags on the fondant and they seem to stick more. The green ones seem better made. I do wish I could afford a nice set of metal tools to try out!