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**just wanted to see if anyone has had icing change colors on them?

I frosted a cake in a light purple color and when I went to get it out it had turned a light blue color.
It was exposed to some light . Luckily the color will still work and I didnt have to redo this. **

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Nikki Belleperche ...

I have also had this happen with light purple buttercream. I find that if its left in the light it will loose its color. It happens with fondant as well. If im worried about loosing my color on cakes I try to keep them covered with a towel or away from light best I can manage. It helps.

Steel Penny Cakes, Elysia Smith ...

Yes, pink and purple do this to me all the time! Keep them away from light especially fluorescent.

Bonnie ...

Yep, purple is the one it always happens with.