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What a talented world of sugar artist belonging to a single site. I could spend the day swooning over the marvelous creations shared here.
I am just wondering are cookies welcomed here? I don’t see any specific category for such posts nor do I see a lot of cookies posted.
I so enjoy looking at the cakes posted and wonder if you also feel the same about the cookies being posted here too.

Sugar Wishes-Zaxarenies Euxes


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Evelindecora ...

Hi Tina! ❤️
I just joined this beautiful site few hours ago, I was wondering the same. I am in awe with all the stunning works of art I saw until now; cakes or cookies, a great font of inspiration! Sugar world is full of amazing artists, so happy to be part of this sweet community 💗
Thank you, I was still seeking the ‘cookie section’ 😂

Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

Hi Tina, Of course cookies are welcome here! I adore looking at cookies, and am in awe of the amount of talent that goes into making each little intricate cookie! I look forward to seeing more of your lovely cookies!

Dragons and Daffodils Cakes ...

Oh absolutely

There are gorgeous cookies on the site already so adding more will be wonderful 😊

Ahimsa ...

Hi Tina!

Tina Tsourtsoulas ...

Hi wonderful ladies- thank you for your sweet responses. When I went to post there was no category for cookies and when I searched cookies there are a few pages of posts compared to the hundreds of cake pages so I thought maybe it was meant to be a cakes only site. There is so much talent here I am amazed over and over again!

Elli Warren ...

Hi Tina! Your cookies are stunning!! There isn’t a specific section for cookies so just keep posting them with the cakes, we all love looking at cookies here too! :-) x