Ideas for making crystal cheerleading bling?

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I am planning a cake with a cheerleading logo on it. In real life the logo is covered in fake crystal bling. Does anyone have an idea how to replicate the bling? Thanks in advance!

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Cakeicer (Shirley) ...

You can make your own Isomalt Gems in varied sizes or you can ordered them online.

Charis ...

I bet that would be beautiful! I have never tried it. I’ll take a look online- thanks!!

The Moonlight Hare ...

I’ve found you can also use cheep shop bought clear sweets melted in the same way as isomalt. I’ve used them in silicone moulds and I’ve even melted cheep coloured sweets and put them into polycarbonate glasses to create fake wine on a cake. Good luck x

Mimich ...

There are many ways you can make the blings. Using isomalt or melting sweets is good. You can also make little glycerine bubbles coated in edible shimer or glitter . You can use silicon moulds then hand paint or airbrush them.

Mimich ...

I meant to say ‘gelatine’ please, i.e gelatine bubbles.

Charis ...

That’s cool- thanks for the ideas!