Can you wrap a cake in bubble wrap?

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I know that may be a slightly strange question but I have a Japanese friend who is going home to see her parents this week and she has asked me to bake some mini cakes for her mum. Apparently she intends to put the cakes in her luggage for the journey (she has a hard case suitcase) but I’m afraid they will be in a thousand pieces by the time she gets there as aircraft handlers generally tend not to be very careful when it comes to moving luggage. Is there any way of making sure the cakes won’t get damaged? I thought of surrounding them with some bubble wrap in a plastic food container but have never done this before and wonder would it make the fondant icing they’re covered in sticky or sweaty? I think it may be an impossible mission so any advice will be gratefully received. Thanks, Lizzie.

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Corrie ...

oh gosh- if I were you- I’d offer to do cookies and then package those extra careful. luggage gets worse treatment than boxes being shipped. Another thing to consider is that usually the luggage is in a part of the plane that is not temperature controlled during flight and that in itself puts little cakes in peril as much as the tossing around that occurs.

Lizzie's Cakes ...

I couldn’t think of any way round it. I offered to do something else but she was determined to show her mum some of my cakes so I’ve finally managed to convince her to take the cakes on as hand luggage. (There are only four of them and they’re in an 8" cake box). Apparently some airliners will allow you to carry cake as hand luggage since it isn’t liquid and I’ve checked and there doesn’t seem to be any regulations about taking a cake into Japan. Hopefully they will get there in one piece now but thanks for the suggestion. :o) x