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I have a cake due on Friday in which the 10" base tier needs to be royal blue in color. Since this was a last-minute order I don’t have the time to have colored fondant shipped. What’s the best way to get a true royal blue color – kneading in color and killing my arms or airbrushing? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. I’m also running low on fondant and don’t want to waste any so what’s the max amount I need to accomplish covering a 10" square?


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Karen Seeley ...

I airbrushed this one. I started first by trying to make my fondant this color by kneading it in but it just would not darken up. I would use 2 to 2-1/2 pounds of fondant for a 10"… I usually buy the 5-lb box from Michaels and I think one package is usually enough (there are two 2-1/2 pound packages).

Karen Seeley ...

Oh I just read that again and I see you said 10" square. I haven’t done squares so hopefully that advice I gave you about the 2-1/2 pounds works for that as well.