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was wondering everyone’s preferred method of stacking a fondant covered tier. when i cover my tiers in fondant i go all the way down and cover the board as well. when i go to stack it is when i’m having my problem. i usually use some sort of spatula or something like that to help get it on the cake and in it’s right spot, but when i try to remove the spatula, it always seems that it tries to take the fondant with it. most of the time i can smooth it back in place and you wouldn’t know it. but i was wondering if any of you wonderful bakers had a better way to do it. thanks so much!!!!

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Tammy, or


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Jenniffer White ...

That’s exactly the way I do it and I always have a little repair work to do once the tier is in place. That’s what borders are for! ;)

Tiffany Palmer ...

Grease the bottom of your angled spatula before using with either shortening or use some cornstarch. It helps it not to stick. I’m not a pro by any means, but this helps me. :)

Tammy ...

thanks ladies!!! i was hoping that i would get good enough not to need the borders :) maybe some day.

cakediva3 ...

When you are placing top tier onto the lower tier, only use the spatula to the point that the front end is resting on the lower tier. Back end of upper tier is just an inch or two above the lower tier. Get the cake positioned correctly on top of the lower tier. Then, remove the spatula, and let the cake gently drop onto the lower tier. (It sounds much, much scarier than how it really is. We’re only talking an inch or so of a drop.) It takes a little bit of practice, but that’s how I’ve done it for quite a while. I do this with both fondant and buttercream cakes. However, with buttercream, both of the tiers must be chilled so the buttercream is very firm.

Hope this makes sense—it’s a little tricky to put into words. The key is not to have the upper tier fully placed onto the cake with the spatula underneath. When you slide the spatula out, even very carefully, you will mark the cake.