Frills? Upside down frills? Can somebody please tell me how to do this?

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Hi everyone :) I’ve seen so many cake that are covered in frills and upside down frills. (Like the pics below) They are beautiful… I want to learn how to do this method but can’t seem to find any info. (Maybe I’m googling the wrong word…) If anyone can explain the process I would be so grateful. Thank you!!! :)

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Linda Wolff ...

I’ve made several cakes using the upside down frills. I have one in my cake profile here. I’m sure I am not doing it correctly the way Maggie Austin Cakes does theirs, but what I do, is roll out a piece of fondant pretty thin and cut it into strips of about an inch wide. On one side of the 1" strip, I use a thin plastic or wooden stick to roll out one side of the strip even thinner, then I go back with a round metal ball tool and go over the strip again on the thinnest edge and as I am doing that, it starts to ruffle as you go. It doesn’t matter if your strips breaks when you put it on because you can overlap any breaks with a new strip. To hold the strips onto your cake, use toothpicks as braces pushed into the fondant vertically in front of the ruffle as you are placing the upside ruffle onto the cake. Use gum paste glue to hold up the ruffles. Once you have one row done and it feels secure, you can leave the toothpicks for a while to make sure they are holding up, or start removing the toothpicks if it seems like it is going to hold. The next set of ruffles will cover up any toothpick hole marks. The key is to roll it as thin as you dare-almost paper thin. It drys so much faster that way. The hardest part is that it is just so darn time consuming and hard on your hands after awhile. But the actual technique isn’t all that hard. I hope this helps and you can understand my directions. =O)

ArtisticIcingCakes ...

Linda, I understand them perfectly!! Thank you so much!! I can’t wait to try this! Your cakes are beautiful! :D

Linda Wolff ...

ArtisticIcingCakes, I forgot to mention to start up at the top of the cake, not the bottom! That’s a vital point! lol! Can’t wait to see your cake! =O)

Tammy ...

if you need a visual here’s a little different technique that works just as well.