How to make an Olaf cake with head held high

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this cake i want an idea how to make it like that


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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

My guess is that it is dowels that go through the bottom cake and the head as well. The head may also be RKT, this way it is a ton lighter.

Goreti ...

This cake was done by CD member Simply Divine Cakery, In the description, it is noted that the head is RKT.

nadz ...

yes but i need to know what is used for the arms. my baby girl is one in march and she love to watch the movie and i want to make an Olaf cake. Thank you.

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

Like I said the arms are probably thin wooden dowels that rea then covered in fondant and then the hands made to cover the connection of the dowel in the head

Gardenia (Galecuquis) ...

I also think that in this case may be wooden dowels. I did this one, and I did it with structure, with a threaded metal rod, bending. The top of the head is cake, on a thin board, and below the mouth is RKT, or may also be carved polystyrene. It is similar to you see on tutorial that Goreti sent you. I regret not having photos of the intermediate steps, and sorry for my English, which is not very good. I hope I’ve helped and you get it.