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A while back, I got an email offering classes online to make gum paste flowers. This website offers all sorts of online classes (knitting, baking, gum paste fllowers).
I paid they 20 or 30 dollars and then went to the website and enter a password. It then showed about 10 different videos on making gum paste flowers. I watched a few. Well….I went to go back and I forgot to save the link or the email. I cant remember the website……anyone have an ideas?



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Bakermama ...

Ansa ...

THAT’S IT!!!!! OMG……thank you
Ive bookmarked it this time!!!!

Bakermama ...

Haha! Lucky guess! I’ve been wanting to watch that tutorial for ages, let me know how it is :)

Neecerator ...

I bought the same Craftsy course. Don’t you love it? My username on there is: adairdet