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hello everyone :)

It’s going to be the first time using this amazing page.

I want to make a cake for the Priest of my chuch’s birthday , i am thinking in something elegant, simple, but really nice, He is turning 65 years old and is from colombia. And so far i haven’t gotten any idea. Can any one help me with some inspiration for my cake.

Thank you very much :)

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caymancake ...

What kind of cake do you think he would enjoy better? A birthday type cake or something that’s religious?

Maybe a simple iced cake with a colombian flag inspired bow? If you know he has a particular hobby may e you could incorporate that?

If you want something more religious, maybe an open book cake with a Scripture verse on one side and happy Birthday on the next?

Hope that helps!

carole ...

thank you so much for your help, you gave me a nice idea with de bow :)

caymancake ...

My pleasure! Good luck!