Need a Custom Cake Maker in Uithoorn or Amsterdam

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Hi Cakey Friends,
I am a cake maker from New Zealand and I have a regular customer/friend who is looking for a custom cake maker in Amsterdam or a town called Uithoorn. The cake is for a 90th in November. Any recommendations would be appreciated please. They wanted to send a cake from NZ but thats not a good idea!
Thanks for your help – could you please email

Mel Sugarcraft Artist Designer Cakes, Cupcakes & Sugarcraft


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Daantje is in the Netherlands, she may be able to or know someone who can…

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Mel, you can also try Riany from Bellaria Cakes design and Tamara from Sweetlake Cakes, Natasja Flapper from Flappergasted Cakes, Sabine from Bibi’s Bakery

Daantje ...

i think they are living to far away from Uithoorn!