Advice needed pls! How to price this cake?

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I have been asked by a neighbour to make her 40th bday cake next month. Have now idea how to price it. I have one of those apps on my phone that can calculate quantities etc so happy with working out basic cake cost. However, have no idea how to cost decoration. I usually just buy fondant etc and hope I have enough to do what I need to do. How much fondant do I need to make ruffled tier, surely you just buy a pack of fondant and find out when you haven’t got enough lol?!! She is after a two tier cake with a mix of ruffles, cake lace, piping and beading.
Looking to my fellow CD experts to point me in the right direction.

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Sarah x


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Heavenly Treats by Lulu ...

Hi :-), usually you would cost the decorations according to how long they take to make, ingredients cost etc and a bit of profit. So you have to decide how much you want to pay yourself an hour And then go from there. Hope this helps a bit :-)

Sarah's cakes ...

Thanks Lulu! Think I may have under quoted but as this will only be my second ‘commissioned’ cake not too worried. I have along way to go until I’m ready to put myself out for regular work.
Thanks again for your help x

Heavenly Treats by Lulu ...

You’re welcome Sarah – I’ve been making cakes for at least 3 and half years as a business and I still under quote. I nearly always underestimate the time it will take me – but with experience I’m getting better. Good luck with the next ones :-) x

Smckinney07 ...

Those ruffled tiers take a LONG time lol, so much longer then I realized! The more techniques & supplies should be considered too (cakelace is expensive, the different mats, molds and all that fun stuff) so male sure you think about those things when pricing. There are still times I find myself working longer then expected but it’s not like you can turn around and say oops, that’s going to be another $100 or whatever. Much of that comes with experience & it’s probably one of the most difficult questions for anyone making custom items, just be sure to keep that in mind, your doing custom work.
That being said, there are tons of calculators out there for ingredients. Im sure most fondant companies have charts like you need x amount for a six inch, etc. There’s also a Wilton chart for cups of batter per pan so you know how much of your recipe you’ll need, hope that makes sense. Just Google fondant chart or whatever. Those things come with experience too so you’ll get there but it’s nice to have ‘cheat sheets’.

Sarah's cakes ...

Thanks Smckinney07, I usually make cakes as gifts so no clue as to how to much charge etc! I guess I need to take more notice of how long it takes to do certain elements and make notes along the way lol!
Thanks for taking the time to respond xxx