fondant icing a 6" high sponge help :)

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hi everyone,was wondering if anyone could give me some tips,i have stacked 2 8"inch cakes togther,i have put a thin board between the cakes and buttercream them all toghter,i have put a dowel through the middle,as i got to put a 6"inch single tier on top…my question is i have buttercreamed all the 4 layers of the cake ,was wandering how do i stop the fondant from tearing on the cake as its higher than normal cakes,and dont want any buging between layers…hope this makes sense…thnk you liz x

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caymancake ...

I would ice the tiers in fondant separately. The bulging usually comes from the filling so make sure you have a good dam and you give the double layer cake some time to “settle” so any air bubbles etc can work their way out. Hope that makes sense and that it is helpful!