Painting cake with food paste colours?

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I cannot use vodka or any other form of alcohol in my cakes. Hence, painting a cake has become challenging for me. I tries water but the result was horrible. I considered using oil but was not sure if it would stay. I also need a liquid option to mix with luster dust so that i can paint my tiaras. Air brushing paint is expensive so that is not an option either.. Please suggest something that would work perfectly and can achieve a good solid colour.

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Becky Pendergraft ...

I use lemon flavoring when painting with gel, paste and luster dust colors – it works very well! I’ve also heard clear vanilla extract works well.

Kendra ...

I think any extract would work, but I’m pretty sure they all contain alcohol as well. If it makes you feel better, the alcohol evaporates. A higher grain alcohol like Everclear evaporates even more quickly but you have to work fast. I don’t think there’s another option besides water and it usually leaves sticky spots.

Slice of Sweet Art ...

You should take into account, as Kendra already stated, alcohol evaporates so it shouldn’t be a problem.

To better understand this, simply place a few drops of vanilla extract on a plate & walk away for an hour. When you go back to the plate, you’ll find the liquid has completely evaporated and you’re left a shiny “film” on the plate.

Bonnie ...

I often paint with straight color and then the white color mixed to give me the shade I need. BUT as they said alcohol evaporates. I like lemon extract best, it seems to flow better. I also took a painting demo with Ruth Rickey, she uses vegetable oil in powdered colors to do some of her painting.