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Ok I have never put real ribbon on a cake before and I am just wondering if anyone has tips on what to do, how to secure it, any special kind of ribbon to use, if I don’t use “special” ribbon what can I do to use normal ribbon, etc. This cake will be all butter cream so I am worried the icing might make it stained or leak through. I’ve heard of people ironing on wax paper or using wax paper. Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!



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Jaclyn ...

oh never heard the wax paper idea. Wonder if it works.?

Great topic.

Lizzie's Cakes ...

I never use anything other than real ribbon on my cakes, but then most of them have been fondant covered and in that case you secure them with a little dab of royal icing at the back, then overlap the ribbon and use another dab of royal icing. If the buttercream is crusting I don’t see why you couldn’t use any type of real ribbon when it has crusted. However, a thicker type of ribbon like a grosgrain should be thick enough to prevent any moisture seeping through and always looks stunning.

simplysweettreats ...

When I use real ribbon on a buttercream covered cake I back the ribbon with acetate. Just use double sided tape to attach the acetate to the ribbon. You can order the acetate online. I know global sugar art has it. HTH!

SarahBeth3 ...

Here is what some people said they do on a previous post that is similar to yours. HTH

caymancake ...

I use ribbons on cakes – I like the grosgrain ribbon the best :)

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

I mostly work in fondant but recently did a three tier wedding cake that was finished in buttercream. Yikes! The ribbon was a lovely deep wine colour and the oil from the buttercream leached into the ribbon and changed it to a darker colour! Luckily after the initial horrilbe patching, the whole ribbon changed but what a scary way to learn a hard lesson! I have now heard of several methods to prevent this so thanks for bringing it up :)

Nikki Belleperche ...

I have only put real ribbon on fondant covered cakes but I used the thicker, better quality wedding ribbons from Michaels. I just attached them with a line of royal icing around the cake and you couldn’t see the royal under it at all.. no absorbing or color changing or anything like that.