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Hi everyone! I am relatively new to cake decorating (I have been doing it for family and myself for a few years now but in the last few months I have actually started charging for cakes and getting orders yay!) This will probably be the first of many questions I will have haha. My question for everyone is do you use recipes that you have written yourself or do you use someone elses? I am currently trying to branch out into writing some recipes but I have almost no knowledge of the science behind baking and I don’t know where to even begin. Up until this point I have found all of my recipes online and tested different ones until I found one I liked. I have gotten to the point where I can take a recipe and add something to it… for example I found a WONDERFUL recipe for white russian cupcakes but I felt it needed something extra so I added a “cream filling” in the middle. Is it “ok” to use other peoples recipes? I plan on eventually having a home based baking business and I think I would feel a little guilty if I did’t use my own recipes but I was wondering what the norm was on this? Also does anyone have any resources for information regarding baking science and recipe writing? Thanks so much!

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I use recipes I find all over the place. Cookbooks, online, family recipes. There is nothing wrong with that you are still one skilled person baking them and decoratating them. That is my opinion at least :) Good Luck with starting your home based business.