How to like another page on facebook?

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I’m new to facebook page….how come i can’t invite another people or like another pages? once i click “like” button it always show demographic of that pages. Anybody have same problem or know how to solve my problem? please help!

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Tiffany Palmer ...

If you just click ‘like’ at the top of someones page it should ‘like’ the page. As for inviting your friends, you need to be under your personal page to do that. When you’re using facebook as your personal page, go to your cake pages website. Right under your cover photo you will see a ‘message’ option and next to that is an arrow. Click on the arrow and it will give you the option to share or invite friends. It won’t show the option to invite friends if you are using facebook as your cake page but will if using it as your personal page. Hope that helps.

funni ...

thank so much SweetBee….. :)

Pam and Nina's Crafty Cakes ...

We had a similar problem a while back. The problem was that we weren’t connected correctly to our page. Add yourself as an administrator of your cake page and then it will allow you to be either personal page or your cake page. What we did was while on our personal page," like" your cake page. Then go in to your likes from your cake page and make yourself an administrator. This should link the two up and allow you to use either one by clicking down from right and it will say use as “whatever your name is” or use as " your cake page" Then when you comment you pick which one you want to use.

funni ...

Thank you Pam and Nina’s Crafty Cakes…..i just do like you said thank you so much :)

Pam and Nina's Crafty Cakes ...

Anytime we can help myglorioustreats!