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First off, I have never baked a cake larger than a 9×13. Anything larger than that size scares me. I have heard my stories of cakes of this size saggy in the middle, not cooked. Could any one give me tips to baking this size cake perfect. Another question, would I have to use a heating source. Thank you for all your tips and suggestions.

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Angelica ...

Ive never had any problems using my 11X15. You could always give the heating core a try so the sides of the cake dont burn. Ive always baked them as I would any size cake.

Mikooklin's Cakery ...

I have had the issue of not fully cooked in the center and having to bake longer then normal and my corners and sides getting a tiny bit hard. I haven’t used a heating core yet but plan on getting one for the next cake I have to make. has a cheap heating core (well cheaper then Wiltons). I plan on getting that one. Hope it helps and good luck!

Bakermama ...

I just bought the heating core a few weeks ago for my 11 × 18 cakes, it worked great! cooked well in the middle, but not hard or crusty around the edges.

Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara) ...

I haven’t used a heating core yet, I would like to get one though. I use flower nails for my bigger cakes in a sheet cake like that I have used two, it works well, I have had no problems with the cake not cooking in the middle

Tiffany Palmer ...

I always use a 12×18 for my sheet cakes. I used to use flower nails and they worked great, but don’t feel the need any more. The best advice I can give is to use parchment paper. The biggest issue I used to have was it sticking in the middle, no matter how much I greased it…plus I hated using so much spray on it. The parchment paper makes it SO easy to turn out and doesn’t make the bottom greasy. I line the bottom with parchment and fill 2/3rds of the way. Before I bake the cake I place it on this large sports ice pack I have for about 5 to 10 minutes. (I did that once when I had made the batter but had to wait a bit longer for another cake to finish before I could use the oven. It made my cake bake out completely even and I didn’t have to level at all so I have done it since then). My edges are never hard and it bakes up nicely. Hope this helps.

caymancake ...

I bake a lot of sheet cakes – 9×13, 11×15 and 12×18... Never a saggy middle :) I’ve used the Heating core, the flower nail and nothing at all and they all come out great. If you bake without the nail or the heating core, reduce the temperature by 25 degrees…that works for me. In terms of a more level cake, I find that baking with the heating core works best. Hope that helps!!